Pensioners in Ayrshire have been targeted by phone scammers, according to police.

Cops are trying to track down the criminals after two of the elderly targets were tricked into handing over four-figure sums of money.

According to police the fraudsters told their targets to withdraw money from their banks on the understanding it would later be collected by "police officers".

Police say the incidents happened on Wednesday, January 5.

Three people were contacted by phone by someone claiming to be from the bank or the police and advised that there was fraudulent activity on their accounts.

The three people, aged 80, 82 and 74, were told to attend at their bank and withdraw four-figure sums of cash from their accounts on the instruction that a police officer would later attend and collect the money.

They were also given a telephone number to call back on.

All three - two men and one woman - went to their bank to withdraw the cash, but one man reported the activity to bank staff and the police were contacted. 

Unfortunately, the other man and the woman were duped into believing the scammers and have lost a significant amount of money as a result

South Ayrshire Chief Inspector Kevin Lammie said: “I want to highlight this scam to everyone and remind them there are fraudsters out there who want to steal your money. 

“I would like to remind everyone that your bank or the police will never ask you to transfer money to another account or to take money out of your account. The only person who can do that is you.  It is your money - hold on to it. 

“If you are suspicious in any way then please hang up and contact the police or speak to a member of your family or bank staff who can assist you in making sure you are not a victim of fraud.

“Officers are working with local banks to protect customers but I would ask family members who have elderly or vulnerable relatives to get in touch with them and make sure they are OK. 

"Please remind them that there are criminals out there who are convincing and think nothing of stealing their money and savings.”

If anyone has any information or is concerned they may have been a victim of a scam, please contact Police Scotland on 101, quoting incident number 1137.