A WOMAN from Castlepark has convinced a business mogul to part with £150,000 after appearing on the hit TV show, Dragon’s Den.

Victoria Fullarton, also known as Toria, who now resides in Uddingston appeared on the BBC programme last week, where she secured the support of English businesswoman, Sara Davies.

Toria’s product, Toto Sleep, is a wearable device for infants between 6-24-months-old.

It’s worn on their wrist and tracks their biometric data, with the aim being to pinpoint the time at which the child is sleepy.

The bracelet then sends notification through to the parents phone or device via an app, so that the child can be put to bed.

Toria, 32, explained “Although you probably have a good idea of when your child is tired, sometimes it’s hard to get the exact point.


Victoria Toria Fullarton. Credit: BBC

Victoria 'Toria' Fullarton. Credit: BBC


“So, this will tell you before they’re over-tired, when the optimum window of opportunity is to start with their nap-time or bed-time routine.

“It take a lot of the guess work out.

“If you’re trying to establish a routine, it’s easier to pinpoint this with Toto, and it gives you a better chance of them going down for the night and sleeping first time.”

Toria, who grew up in Ayrshire, first in Castlepark, before moving to Ayr aged 10, came up with the idea for Toto Sleep six years ago after she had her own daughter, Ivy, and began trying to plan her bed-time routine.

As well as being researched by a team at the University of West of Scotland and being tested with more than 50 families, Ivy has helped her mum test the bracelets.

“She’s very excited every time we bring out a new prototype, to go ahead and test it and show it off to her friends,” said Toria.

“We’ve researched over 50 families using the prototypes and they’ve all had positive feedback for it and we’ve been able to track in real time, patterns when their child is tired. The success rate has been amazing.”

Toria impressed most of the Dragon’s with her pitch, which ultimately led to the financial support that she has received.

She said “It wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be. It was easier as I did have all my answers already prepared for them, I’d anticipated some questions.”

She described the backing as being “immense” for her business and says it will allow her to grow the company.

“We’ve been relying heavily on Scottish Enterprise funding and winning various competitions, so with this funding, we’re able to get our last round of products safety tested ad actually go to manufacturing.”

The bracelet is available on pre-sale from toto-sleep.com, at a special price of £99.