A COUPLE found themselves arrested and kicking out at cops after they attempted to report a crime on a bus.

Marc Morrison and Gemma Stobo, both aged 25, appeared in kilmarnock sheriff court last week after police ended up arresting the pair when they were witnesses to windows being smashed on a bus back in June 26 last year.

Morrison admitted resisting arrest, pulling on a police officer’s arm and repeatedly attempting to kick two cops.

Stobo pleaded guilty to shouting and swearing at her partner – which then led to the pair’s arrest.

The fiscal depute said: “At 9.50pm a 999 call came in from a member of Stagecoach staff that a window had been smashed on a bus and there was fighting on board.

“At 10pm police attended and observed Marc Morrison trying to flag police down at the bus. Police approached and on speaking to them the accused became aggressive to her partner, stating ‘get my f****** stuff d***’ and then ‘we are done’. She then attempted to grab her partner.

“She continued her barrage of abuse towards her partner. She was later arrested and conveyed to Saltcoats police station. She was cautioned and charged and made no reply my lord.”

“At 10.05pm police arrived who had attended a separate incident, at which time came they across Morrison with Stobo. She made attempts to free herself. Police attempted to take control of both the accused.

“The accused Morrison began to strike out at police witnesses. Police assistance was requested.

“Morrison was put to the ground and handcuffs were applied. He thrashed his arms and made attempts to push himself up, kicking his legs at police officers.”

“He was cautioned and charged my lord and made no reply.”

Defence solicitor Brian Holliman said: “Mr Morrison is 25 years of age and has been with his partner for two and a half years. He is self employed as a courier driver.”

“They had been out together that evening. Windows had been broken on the bus by youths.

“They then sought to leave the bus through the emergency exit – which is where they [Morrison and Stobo] were seated. As they sought to leave there was verbal abuse; Mr Morrison engaged with them and this upset Ms Stobo.”

Mr Holliman said that Morrison “felt very much aggrieved” when police made to arrest his partner, thinking it “entirely unnecessary”.

“When the police sought to arrest Ms Stobo Mr Morrison felt very much aggrieved”, adding he thought it ‘entirely unnecessary’ when they had been the victims of abuse and that this was an ‘isolated incident’.

Stobo’s defence solicitor Mr Chambers said: “The youths themselves caused the police report. Effectively the couple were witnesses to a disturbance but when attempting to report it the situation escalated from simply being witnesses to being arrested.

“It can be described as completely out of character my lord and she has no other matter’s outstanding. The circumstances are She is 25 years of age and doesn’t have a record.”

Sheriff Ian Duguid said: “Your involvement in this unfortunate incident resulted in two allegations of assault against police officers in the execution of their duties.

“I accept what has been said about a bit of an over-reaction about it. Nonetheless it has to be marked by some form of financial penalty.”

Morrison was fined £160 on charges of assault and resisting arrest; Stobo was admonished and dismissed for shouting and swearing at her partner, but her not guilty plea to a charge of assault was accepted.