A KILWINNING fundraiser has thanked residents for their kind donations to an annual Easter egg appeal to bring a bit of joy to sick kids in Crosshouse.

Michael Kirkum’s home has been packed out with around 1,200 donations so far as the fundraiser continues to collect chocolate treats and Easter gifts alongside son Michael Kirkum Jnr as the pandemic continues.

Michael Kirkum said: “All these donations are from everyday people and I collect them on my bike so takes a while to do.

“I appreciate every one of them donating for without them this could not be possible.

“This is probably the best year so far – the only things we are short of is the crayons and colouring books.

“We have 1,200 eggs which is worth about £2,500 in money.

“We have had that many sitting about the house so we will get them distributed to some of the local groups before the hospital.

“I’m really humbled by the response we have got so far this year.

“It’s absolutely amazing I’m just totally dumbfounded by it all, it’s really really good.”

Last year, the kind Kirkums collected more than 1,000 eggs plus 500 Creme Eggs – and recently collecting 1,400 selection boxes and a brand new Xbox at Christmas.

Michael Kirkum Snr said: “The best way to donate is the Co-op in Kilwinning and the Alton Inn – or anyone can just phone me and I’ll get them.

“The reason we’re launching it now is items can be £1 just now on special. I wouldn’t be advising anyone to spend any more than they have to. Times are still tough and folk are still worrying about everything.

“It just gives them something to look forward to. If not chocolate you can donate wee Easter bunnies – obviously that’s good if there’s any kids who can’t eat chocolate, you don’t want someone not getting anything.

“I am really humbled by the response we get every year. It’s fantastic and we really appreciate it and so does the hospital.

“It’s good to give the kids something to look forward to especially when they can’t always get visitors in.”

Donations can be left at the Kilwinning Co-op or Alton Inn. You can also contact Michael Kirkum Senior on 07961 540780 email michaelkirkum@outlook.com