KILWINNING’S Thorne Travel has come out on top at national awards after being voted ‘the best travel agency in Scotland’.

The prestigious award is given out annually and is voted for by holiday companies, airlines and tourist boards. They make their decision based on professionalism, marketing and sales produced by competing firms.

Business owner Shona Thorne said: “To be nominated and to win is a proud moment for us at Thorne Travel as our‎ aim since we opened has always to be a travel agency that works for our customers.‎‎ ‎

“We are always striving to look for new diverse and sustainable experiences, with great success and we‎ ‎‎ ‎will continue with this ethos to ensure we are always striving to be the best for our customers.

"Our customers are paramount to our success, and continued expansion and without their support we would not be the success we are today.”