AN IRVINE nail technician has been celebrating the success of her business recently – after she was voted among the UK’s best nail technicians of the year.

Susan Gorman, owner of Susans Pro File, has more than 17 years experience in the industry, and a long history of winning awards, from the moment she competed in her first competition in 2012.

She even had her own image feature on the cover of the tenth anniversary edition of Scratch Magazine in 2013 – the industry’s leading publication.

Even after all this, she says she was still taken aback when she received this latest accolade at such a prestigious awards ceremony.

Susan said: “I sat patiently waiting thinking to reach the top 50 for nail technician of the year out of the full of the UK would be great.

“My name didn’t appear [but] the top ten was announced and I saw my name coming up in sixth place.

“My daughter and my husband were already jumping about celebrating and it actually took me a few minutes to take it in.

“To take sixth place for nail technician of the year, out of the whole of the UK, is an amazing honour and a privilege to be recognised amongst some of the strongest nail technicians in the industry.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today in the industry if it wasn’t for my family, friends and, most of all, amazing clients past and present for supporting my work.

“Gaining the awards over the years makes me feel proud of myself for not giving up, but also makes me smile knowing my work and passion for the industry is being recognised.

“I am now in the running for best nail artist at this year’s Scottish hair and beauty awards and would like to reach out for people to take a few minutes to go online and vote for me – let’s get Irvine to the finals in September!”

Covid didn’t hold her business back – in fact, Susan took it as an opportunity to develop, building and moving into her own home salon.

She also pursued, and achieved, a level three award in education and training (AET0, which means she can now start passing her knowledge on to future generations.

Susan said: “Becoming an educator in this industry has been a passion of mine for years. I want to share my 17 years of knowledge and show keen students that doing nails isn’t just all about glitter and glamour but to teach them how to make it a successful career.

“I also want to reach out to pupils in schools to show them that no matter what academic level they are at, having a successful business is very much achievable.

“With a nail art diploma from air brush to 3D acrylic I have a wide range of courses for qualified nail techs to enhance their skills.”