How Many Mountains Are There in Great Britain? A new book by Ayrshire-based author, Dane Love, has the answer.

There are 2,354 mountains in Britain over 2,000 feet with a reascent (or prominence) of 100 feet.

These range from the highest in the country, Ben Nevis, down to those summits that just reach over the 2,000-foot contour line and no more. Dane Love was the first to compile such a list and it is now available publicly for the first time.

Many hillwalkers enjoy ticking off lists of mountain summits as they climb them, and one of the most famous mountain lists is the Munros.

This book widens the list of summits to conquer considerably, and allows hillwalkers and outdoor enthusiasts from across the country to make a record of their own ascents. Whether or not someone will be able to climb every summit listed in the book is unknown, for it certainly would be a major challenge, but no doubt someone will see it as something to aim for.

The Munros are famed as Scottish summits over 3,000 feet, but this book has tables listing all those over the traditional mountain height of 2,000 feet. Divided into different areas, hillwalkers will find the book a considerable boon, and they will love to tick off the various summits that they have climbed, keeping a record of their growing score.

In addition to lists of the mountains, each chapter has details of the height of each, national grid reference and Ordnance Survey sheet numbers on which the summit is found, enabling the keen climber to find out where they are. Also included are indicator symbols which identify Munros and Corbetts (summits over 2,500 feet with a reascent of 500 feet), both in Scotland and ‘furth of Scotland’.

All of the famous summits are included, of course, from the heights of Ben Nevis and the Munros. Many lesser-known tops are listed.

Dane has written numerous books on Scottish subjects in general, but with a strong focus on Ayrshire.