POLICE in Irvine are stepping up their patrols in one part of the town in response to concerns from residents over anti-social behaviour.

Officers in Police Scotland's Irvine locality policing team are conducting foot patrols at Bourtreehill Park in response to concerns raised by the community.

Extra attention in the form of cycle and vehicle patrols is also in place to engage with residents and tackle what cops say is a recent increase in reports of antisocial behaviour in the area.

In addition a planned “Green Week”, starting on Saturday, May 14, has been arranged for local residents - encouraging members of the public to enjoy the nature in the area.

Recent youth offending, including underage drinking and the associated anti-social behaviour, has raised the concerns of locals who fear the few are spoiling the environment for the majority.

A police spokesperson said: "Police Scotland officers are working with partners, including North Ayrshire Council antisocial behaviour team, to take action against those involved in criminality."