Improvements at the heart of the Harbourside will be a major priority for re-elected Irvine South councillor Christina Larsen.

The SNP candidate was elected with a higher vote than in 2017 - securing 871 first preference votes, more than any of her rivals, enough to see her elected at the first stage of counting - and is now rolling up her sleeves for more challenges in the next five years.

Cllr Larsen will be joined by Labour's Robert Foster and Matthew McLean of the Conservatives in representing the Irvine South ward for the next five years.

She said: “I’m delighted, especially as I had a higher vote than I had last time.

“It was disappointing to lose Joe Hopkins [the other SNP candidate in the ward], as he was a good candidate - he’s young but you put yourself in the hands of the electorate and you just have to take what comes.

"Boundary changes mean it’s difficult to predict what will happen in the election.”

Looking ahead, she said: “I have casework and will continue to work with locality partnerships and attend community groups.

“We want to make sure the community keep having a voice. 

“Myself and the other councillors will get briefings on the plans for Harbourside. 

“The aim will be to make the harbour as great as we know it can be. “