A MAN who harassed shop staff and exposed his backside to children – as well as shouting at teachers outside a primary school – awaits his fate.

Thomas Pollock, 44, previously admitted public indecency as well as three charges of threatening behaviour in Sundrum Place, Glenapp Place and outside Pennyburn Primary School on June 4, June 19 and September 13 last year.

He later went on to harass staff at the Bourtreehill Day Today Supermarket – calling one lady “a s*** and a cow” after previously being banned from the store due to his behaviour.

Pollock, of Crofthead, Irvine, admitted shouting, swearing and pointed at the woman while she was serving as a retail worker. He also flailed his arms about and followed her – placing her in a state of fear and alarm.

Pollock was set for sentencing last week – with the case again deferred.

The procurator fiscal depute told a hearing at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court on April 5 that two adult witnesses had seen children shouting at Pollock outside the post office in Pennyburn at around 4.10pm on June 4.

“The accused began shouting back,” the prosecutor said, “and thereafter turned his back to the children, unbuttoned his trousers, pulled his trousers down and bent over showing his bare bum cheeks.

“The children began shouting at him and followed him to his home address.

“Witnesses followed behind the children to make sure they were okay.”

The court also heard that Pollock contacted police at around 6pm on June 19 reporting members of the public causing a nuisance, but that when officers went to Pollock’s home he “instantly became aggressive”.

The fiscal depute said the head teacher and depute head at Pennyburn Primary had observed Pollock shouting and swearing towards the school at 2.55pm on September 13.

“He said ‘what you f***ing going to do about this’, while presenting as aggressive and irate,” the prosecutor said.

“He was asked to leave several times. He shouted ‘what the f*** you going to do about these rumours?’.”

“They contacted police who traced the accused at 4.30pm and he was cautioned and charged.”

Bourtreehill Shop boss Imran Ali said: “The individual came instore and was advised he was still banned from the store and had to leave and would not get served.

“He refused to leave the store, shouted and swore at staff. He was advised police would be called, refused to leave the store and insisted the team call the police.

“[He has been] constantly intimidating the team, shouting abuse and swearing as we ll as threatening. Which is a shame as my team are all local and work hard – a lot of girls have started their first jobs in the store so its not a good impression.

“The girls don’t need this kind of abuse.”

Pollock will return to court for sentencing at a later date.