THE new-look North Ayrshire Council has today appointed its leader and deputy leader, who will take control for the next five years.

Taking the position of leader of the council will be the SNP's Marie Burns, councillor for Irvine East.

Cllr Burns ran unopposed after receiving a nomination from Cllr Shaun Macaulay, which was seconded by Alan Hill.

The position of deputy leader was also filled by the SNP, by Irvine West councillor Shaun Macaulay, who was nominated by Cllr Davidson, which was seconded by Cllr Hill.

He also ran unopposed for this post.

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This confirms the SNP's previous plans to run North Ayrshire Council as a minority party, with no coalitions formed by themselves or anybody else.

New leader Marie Burns will replace previous leader, and current Scottish Labour and Co-operative councillor for Kilwinning, Joe Cullinane. She thanked the outgoing leader for the work he had done.

She said: "Particularly in the last two years, he has led us through a hard time of Covid and the recovery."

Shaun Macaulay will assume the role previously held by Scottish Labour's John Bell.