A PATIENT allegedly exposed his private parts to nurses in Irvine’s mental health hospital - while he is also accused of punching a woman and bending back her fingers.

David Campbell Stewart, 48, faces one charge of assault and three of intentionally exposing his genitals in a sexual manner towards six nurses named on the complaint.

The accused, who’s address was listed as Ward 7A Woodland View, allegedly bent the nurse’s fingers back on May 19, last year.

Court papers state the accused also seized her by the hair and then punched her on the face during the alleged incident.

It’s alleged he also exposed his member to two other nurses on the ward on the same date.

Mr Stewart is also accused of exposing himself to another two nurses by dropping his trousers on October 18.

The complaint alleges he then moved his hips back and forward in a thrusting motion.

He faces a fourth charge of indecent exposure in the hospital grounds on November 30.

It’s alleged Mr Stewart removed his privates from his clothing and then stared at the woman while exposed for her to see.

The accused pleaded not guilty to the four charges.