A BID for a vending machine to supply fresh milk near Dreghorn has been refused due to being too far from the village and Irvine town centre.

An application was submitted to change of use of the vacant Jarvie Plant premises to a retail outlet for the sale of milk from vending machines at Corsehill Mount Road.

However, planning officers refused the bid this month due to applicants not taking a ‘town centre first approach’ contrary to the council’s development plan for the area.

Graham Owens, of Go Vending (Scotland) Ltd, said: “We would like to apply for a diversification of business / change of use permit at Jarvie Plant, Corsehill Mount Road, Dreghorn, Irvine, Ayrshire, KA11 4JZ;

“We plan to collaborate with a local farmer to deliver farm fresh milk through our vending machines, we want to build a brand around this concept by also offering milkshakes, home baking as well as a selection of typical vending machine snacks/refreshments and coffee.

“We hope to enhance the area by offering a unique retail experience providing healthy options to customers.

A report from North Ayrshire Council said: “Given the unique and small-scale nature of the proposed retail use, it is not considered that the proposal would generate significant levels of footfall away from Irvine Town Centre. However, it is considered that the proposed use would be more appropriately located within Irvine town centre or within Dreghorn Main Street.

“It is considered that there is a limited number of surrounding businesses within walking distance to the application site to justify the need for a retail use in this location.

“The applicant has not submitted any supporting information to demonstrate that the proposal has adopted a town centre first sequential approach.”