An Irvine mental health facility has earned praise for the “positive” performance of its staff during the pandemic.

At Monday’s NHS Ayrshire and Arran monthly meeting it was stated that Woodland View had undergone some improvement work during the past year and more changes could be in the pipeline.

The report read: “In a time of unprecedented challenges and pressure for both staff, patients and the wider community amidst a global pandemic, the performance of Woodland View has been very positive and a testament to embedded safety culture and best efforts of the clinical teams. 

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“It is hoped that with more stability going forward this will allow for further improvements and innovations in Patient Safety and Mental Health.”

Woodland View undertook a major programme of works to address fire damper issues, whereby a number of areas which needed further improvement were identified.

The fire stop/door issues works  were progressed during the past year, and this affected all areas, with wards being decanted and moved within the facility while work was completed.

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Staff worked hard to ensure that the impact of these moves on patient care was minimal, however the number of beds available and subsequent bed occupancy numbers went up and down during this time.

The data for violent incidents at Woodland View showed that only one month during the past 10 had been above the mean line.

Restraint levels in the past three months are below the mean line as are self-harm levels.