Irvine paedophile hunters admitted causing a sex offender fear through protests and live-streaming him on social media.

Linzi Affleck, 31, and Ryan McGovern, 29, of the Scotland-wide Team Shades group, admitted to amended charges of threatening behaviour towards Garry Allmark when they both returned to court this week [Monday, May 23].

The group’s founder Linzi Affleck pleaded guilty after prosecutors dropped a more serious charge of allegedly stalking the sex offender – with co-accused Ryan McGovern also admitting causing him fear and alarm.

Irvine Times: Garry Allmark being removed from address last yearGarry Allmark being removed from address last year

We reported last year how the 29-year-old Team Shades member, of Dreghorn’s Main Street, was arrested and charged after members turned up in Aberfeldy Terrace, Irvine back in April 27 last year, while Linzi Affleck of Fleming Terrace, was asked to attend the police station the next day.

The Procurator Fiscal depute said: “Mr Allmark appeared at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court in relation to a charge in 2019 and was due for sentencing on the date the libel starts.

“Ms Affleck attended [court], along with others unhappy at what they perceived the sentence would be.

“At this point when he was leaving court he was being filmed. He requested a police escort.

“On one occasion on March 19 Mr Allmark was in Irvine town centre alone and on leaving a store was confronted by Ms Affleck, who was shouting and swearing and called him a “paedophile”.

“Mr Allmark was frightened by the encounter.”

Irvine Times:

The court heard the incident was later posted on the Team Shades page.

She continued: “At around 7.10pm on the evening of April 27, police were called out to Mr Allmark’s home address.

“He was home alone and observed Mr McGovern on CCTV shouting through the letter box “Garry we just want to speak to you”. When Mr Allmark did not respond he started shouting and banging loudly. On the CCTV he saw Ms Affleck recording on her phone.

“The matter was again live-streamed on the Team Shades Facebook page. He heard shouting calling him a “f***ing beast’ and a ‘paedo’. He acted the panic alarm and police arrived.

“Eight people were present with a Team Shades banner on display, some members were wearing clothing with the Team Shades logo.

“Officers attempted to reason with the group. They said they would stay until he was removed.

“He was eventually removed from the property for his own safety by police escort.”

Sheriff George Jamieson adjourned the case for reports before sentencing with bail continued.