A NEW two-story building will now be build at Irvine’s I3 Annickbank campus after council plans were approved.

Plans for the new building for business, general industrial, storage or distribution uses at the was approved this month.

A statement said: “The building layout provides a centralised core comprising of circulation, plant space, WCs and a lift.

An open plan flexible space ‘wraps’ around this core with 2no. access points to allow for layout flexibility at tenant fit out.

“The building entrance and core are expressed as an extruded mass on the principal elevation as a means of way finding, while minimising encroachment on the building floor plate to maximise flexibility.

“The building is orientated to positively address the northern access road and principal entrance to the site while providing a generous set back from existing roads to allow for the introduction of soft landscaping and amenity areas to provide relief between buildings, roads and other elements of hard landscaping.

“The existing office pavilions on the site are of the same style and typology, constructed in red/brown brick and cladding panels, incorporate pre-cast concrete detailing and monopitch roof forms with large areas of glazing, particularly to building entrances.

“The materiality and architecture of the proposal seeks to be in keeping with the overall character of the site by adopting complementary materials that echo those of the existing pavilions.

“However, the design ultimately endeavours to provide a sense of uniqueness and identity, serving as a precedent for future development on the site.

“We believe this will then lead to a varied, architecturally interesting series of pavilions that will enhance the Innovation Campus’s appeal to future tenants and businesses.

“A total of 10 no. vehicle bays are proposed comprising of 9 standard bays and 1 accessible bay in accordance with NAC parking requirements.

“Two of the parking bays will be served by an electric vehicle charging dock. To encourage more sustainable means of travel to and from the site 5no. Sheffield stands are proposed.

“It is proposed that these are located below a bicycle shelter west of the pavilion.”