Irvine and Dreghorn Brass (IDB) is celebrating a five-figure funding boost from the players of the Peoples Postcode Lottery to assist them setting up a new community brass group.

IDB, a registered charity, is an “access to all” community brass band based in North Ayrshire.

There is a senior band and a children’s band that take part in numerous concerts and community events throughout the year.

IDB purchased the Dunlop Memorial Hall, Dreghorn from North Ayrshire Council via a Community Asset Transfer in October 2020 to create a community music centre, and the building is now used by the band for rehearsals, teaching of brass and percussion children and adults, and for community concerts.

And now the members will benefit from a £11,219 donation to help the groups’s new adventures.

Frazer Kirk, band chairman, said: "The band are delighted with the award and we thank the players of the People Postcode Lottery for their support and funding.

“The funds will be used to purchase musical instruments and equipment to enable us to start a new community brass group that compliments our current senior band and children’s bands.

“We know there is a big demand for people wanting to participate in music. We are open to giving everyone in our community an opportunity to learn an instrument and play in a brass group if they want.

“Making music in a group has amazing health benefits and improves the mental well-being and happiness of participants, I would recommend it for anyone”.

Irvine and Dreghorn Brass is seeking to boost it’s membership and wishes to hear from children or adults that want to learn play a brass instrument or ex-players that would like to make a return to playing in a brass group.

You can get in touch with the band for more details at