MORE than £60,000 was given to cancer patients in North Ayrshire last year, thanks to MacMillan Cancer Support.

The charity provided over £122,000 in grants to 340 cancer patients across Ayrshire to help pay for essentials, ranging from gas and electric bills to transport for hospital appointments.

This included £60,550 of funding in North Ayrshire for 167 patients.

In South Ayrshire, £27,450 of funding was given out to 76 patients, while in East Ayrshire £34,650 in grants was given to 97 people.

Janice Preston, head of partnerships for Macmillan Cancer Support in Scotland, said: “These figures demonstrate how badly a cancer diagnosis can impact a person financially.

“I don’t think we’ve even touched the surface of how catastrophic this month’s increase in living costs are going to affect people facing a life-threatening illness. You don’t have to struggle.”

Helen Kean, senior advisor for South Ayrshire Council’s Information and Advice Hub said: “We’re here to find out what people’s needs are and discuss how we can support them throughout their cancer journey.

“I see the difference that a Macmillan grant can make to someone’s life, every day.”