Pupils have been working with police to promote considerate school parking during a week of action in Irvine.

Police attended Glebe Primary to kick-start a week long campaign on road safety and safe parking from Monday, May 16 with lots of ‘interesting questions’ asked by the kids.

Irvine’s Locality Policing Team’s officers walked pupils to school from Golffields Road, Irvine, with PC Guy Jenner giving a talk to the youngsters at assembly.

Police also let pupils come and see the officer’s minibus and other lucky youngsters were selected to come and have a shot at using the unipar speed gun on the high street.




Cunninghame South MSYP Justin Jones also joined on other days through the week with youth volunteers to help send the message to parents about considerate parking.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Locality and Preventions officers attended Glebe Primary School to provide a road safety talk.

“As well as being shown how to keep safe when crossing the road, children were also given a demonstration of a speed detector, the opportunity to sit in a police vehicle, hear the sirens and ask officers questions.




“Some of the questions were very interesting!”

MSYP Justin Jones said: “Parking at alternative areas other than the school gates relieves congestion, gets you out in the fresh air and most importantly keeps young people safe.”