Jackie Dunlop's daughter Ava Nelson had been unwell for nearly a month, with her illness dismissed as viral.

But Jackie's insistence that doctors investigated further led to them getting to the root of the issue - though it was a heartbreaking diagnosis.

After having an MRI scan the family's worst fears for Ava, 10, were confirmed. 

Specialists at Crosshouse Hospital in Kilmarnock diagnosed Ava with a highly aggressive brain tumour called glioma.

A glioma is a tumor that forms when glial cells grow out of control. Normally, these cells support nerves and help your central nervous system work.

The cancer has been described as "inoperable and incurable" on a gofundme set up for Ava.

Since her diagnosis it has been manic time for the heartbroken family. Ava was rushed to the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow for an emergency operation to relieve pressure and fluid from her brain.

Though her mother Jackie has said: "(I am) so proud of how my lassie has coped in the past two weeks. 

"Major brain op, been told she’s got high grade cancer and she’s till got that wee smile on her face.

Irvine Times: Despite everything, 10-year-old Ava is still smiling.Despite everything, 10-year-old Ava is still smiling.

"The staff at 3A in Glasgow sick kids were amazing went above and beyond.

"Home to chill for a week then we will be moving into marions house in Glasgow for six weeks during treatment."

A fund-raiser has now been set up for Ava and her family, which has raised an amazing £3,560, at the time of wroting.

The introduction to the fund-raising page states: "The consultant had told them (Ava's family) the devastation of her having cancer and there’s no hope really just trying to give her the best quality of life and make plenty memories help us make her wee dreams come true in the slightest way guys.

"Ava and her sisters and family need happy memories to hold in there hearts for a lifetime."

Ava will decide what to do with any money raised, and one of her wishes, which the family are hoping to make come true, is to go to Ibrox to watch her beloved Rangers FC.

And it appears that the Pennyburn Primary pupil may get her wish.

An appeal was put out by a family friend to get four tickets together for a match, so Ava, her mum Jackie, and two siblings could all go together, and one kind Samaritan has made a touching gesture.

They replied to the appeal: "I will give you my table of four in the Cooper Suite for one of the first games (of the season) and they can go hospitality."

Jackie, like many others, was very much overwhelmed by the amazing offer.

If you wish to support Ava and her family in this tough time, her gofundme page can be found here.