Trains in Ayrshire are to come to a complete standstill on June 21, 23 and 25 as rail workers strike across the nation.

There will be no trains operating across the county on these days as only five routes in the central belt will run.

Members of the RMT union across the UK are set to walk out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week in a dispute with several train operating companies and Network Rail.

Services will operate on the days between the strike action, June 22 and 24.

Though these days aren't quite plain sailing either, with some amendments and cancellations so scheduled services.

It is also important to be aware that ScotRail currently have a temporary timetable in place, which is the reference point for any cancellations and amendments. This is available here.

The changes to Ayrshire services on June 22 and 24 are as follows.

Amended services

0819 Ardrossan Harbour-Glasgow Central: now starts from Ardrossan Town at 0821.

0805 Ayr-Glasgow Central: now departs 0754, calling additionally at Dalry, Glengarnock, Howwood and Milliken Park.

0700 Stranraer-Glasgow Central: now starts from Ayr at 0824, but a 0715 Stranraer to Ayr service will run instead.

0707 Glasgow Central-Carlisle: now starts from Dumfries at 0901.

Cancelled services

0540 Ayr-Glasgow Central

0703 Ayr-Glasgow Central

0607 Carlisle-Glasgow Central

0615 Glasgow Central-Largs

0645 Glasgow Central-Ardrossan Harbour

0700 Glasgow Central-Ayr

0725 Glasgow Central-Kilmarnock

0642 Largs-Glasgow Central