DEL AMITRI will take to the Irvine beach park stage on July 23, as they headline the town’s first Making Waves Festival.

It is sure to be quite the show, and quite the festival for North Ayrshire, but have you ever wondered what the festival experience is like for the bands themselves?

Speaking to the Times, Del Amitri frontman Justin Currie told us about exactly that, recounting his experiences from his early days as a fan, to his near 40 years as part of the band.

He said: “Del Amitri are not what you’d consider a festival band, but we’ve been lucky to have been asked to play some of the biggest and best festivals out there.

“We’ve played Roskilde in Denmark, T in the Park, Woodstock ’94, Glastonbury… There’s nothing better as a musician than hearing your own songs sung back at you from an audience full of people who know every word.

“I enjoy playing the smaller festivals with an eclectic line-up and an audience who are all there for the music rather than the perceived lifestyle.

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“For its first year, Making Waves seems like the ideal boutique festival. There’s a small but perfect line-up and I’ll enjoy watching all the bands as much as everyone else who’s there.”

Currie also joked about some his more challenging festival experiences, and how he hopes they won’t see a repeat of this in Irvine.

He commented: “Del Amitri played Glastonbury in 1990 and we were billed to go on after James. James! One of the greatest singles bands.

“No way were we going on after them! I suggested Del Amitri went on before James – that was the sensible thing to do – but our management at the time seemed keen to keep the billing as it was and, after numerous arguments, James did indeed play before us.

Irvine Times: Del AmitriDel Amitri

“Hit after hit after hit…they just kept coming.

“We then took to the stage and by the third or fourth song, the audience had deserted us.

“So, Twin Atlantic – I believe you’ll be on immediately before Del Amitri at Making Waves. I know you’ll be good…just don’t be that good, will you?”

Saturday at Making Waves certainly has the makings for an excellent day of festival action, the front man just hopes for one more thing to make it the perfect festival.

He said: “Anything other than rain is what you hope for, isn’t it?”

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