Ed Sheeran turned up in a big way to wow his fans at Hampden Park on Friday 17 June as the rain stayed away for an incredible show. 

I was in attendance for the show and from start to finish it was a spectacle from the staging to the supporting act and final Ed himself.

Kicking the show off we had Maisie Peters as a supporting act and personally I had never heard any of her work. 

Peters is signed to Sheeran's record label Gingerbread Man Records and it was clear to see why he has signed her up. 

Irvine Times:

She has a fantastic voice and performed her songs, Cate's Brother, Birthday, Favourite Ex and Psycho. 

She managed to keep the crowd captivated which is a hard job when they are waiting for an act like Ed Sheeran but she done a great job of getting around the stage and getting the crowd warmed up and made a fan out of me.

While we're on that topic, the staging was incredibly done, the floating guitar pick screens and the cylindrical screen suspended above the stage were a fantastic addition to both Maisie and Ed's performances. 

The main event got a 10-minute countdown as the suspended screen was lowered and when the countdown ended Ed Sheeran appeared through the floor of the stage to a rapturous applause. 

His set ran through all of his previous album work just a man, his guitars and a loop deck. Although on occasion there was the introduction of a band for this tour. 

Ed addressed the band saying, "I decided to bring the band along for this tour, and it allows me to play the songs on the albums that are not just accompanied with an acoustic guitar." 

Irvine Times:

Running through most of the hits from Plus, Multiply, Divide and Equals the 31-year-old made sure to get the crowd involved throughout the whole show. 

I will say the crowd seemed to need some coaxing at times to be louder, more often than usual. Regardless of that the musical ability on display was second to none.

The use of the loop deck and all acoustic sounds either made by Ed or on his guitar was exceptional and he definitely surpassed my expectations of how a one-man show could be done. 

He received a standing ovation before emerging from below the stage again this time wearing a Scotland top to the delight of the Hampden crowd. 

Personally, the best performance of the night was his rendition of 'Bloodstream' during his Encore from the Multiply album the sheer output of energy at the end of what was a two hour long set was a fantastic spectacle to watch and his final song of the night being 'You Need Me Man, I Don't Need You' was something to behold.

A fantastic event from start to finish and if you have the opportunity to go and witness the show, I would strongly recommend going along to any of his remaining tour dates.