ORGANISERS at Kilwinning's upcoming Picnic in the Park are now looking for people who wish to trade at the event.

This is due to be held on Thursday, August 11 from 11.30am to 5.30pm in McGavin Park.

At the moment, the proposal is that the event will run as two separate two-and-a-half-hour sessions. The first of these will run from 12pm to 2.30pm and second from 3pm to 5.30pm.

Timings will be confirmed soon, though the start time will definitely be no earlier than 11.30am, and they will not be going into the evening as they have before, running three sessions.

For those looking to trade at the event, organisers have said: “We would be delighted to have you with whatever services you can offer, even if it’s chargeable. Just let us know and we can consider it.

“We already have a burger van and ice cream van booked. If you have something different, we are keen to hear from you. We look forward to receiving your emails.”

For those looking to get in touch, email

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