LITERACY and numeracy levels among North Ayrshire schools remain high despite the challenges of the pandemic, North Ayrshire Council Cabinet heard last week.

The performance of school leavers in attaining Literacy at Level 4 and Level 5 displays a positive five-year trend.

In 2021, achievement of Level 5 Literacy is the highest in the five-year comparison at 85 per cent.

The schools remain above or in line with other South West Scotland schools and the national performance in all five years of this analysis.

In 2021, achievement of Level 5 Literacy is the highest in the five-year comparison at 85 per cent. 

Level 4 Literacy has slightly decreased from 95 per cent to 94.8 per cent, although the performance remains above the other South West schools and the national performance.

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Numeracy attainment at 72.3 per cent of North Ayrshire leavers at Level 5  is the best it has been for five years. 

While Level 4 Numeracy has decreased slightly in 2021 to 89.6 per cent, it is still in line with a broadly positive trend.

As a direct result of these achievement levels, additional interventions in literacy and numeracy have been implemented throughout session 2021-22, with significant efforts in every school to recover from the impact the pandemic has had on attainment. 

Cabinet agreed to implement the following Scottish Government plans to try and improve attainment in literacy and numeracy: 

  • A new learning, teaching and assessment policy; the revision of literacy and numeracy frameworks.
  • The employment of additional teachers to support targeted schools with attainment in literacy and numeracy.
  • The design and implementation of a three-year raising attainment strategy and a further focus on effective moderation across and within schools. Schools will continue to be supported through the work of the Professional Learning Academy.
  • There will be a continuation of the focus on the lowest and highest achieving learners to ensure performance continues to reduce the gap between North Ayrshire and the National performance. 
  • The re-designed senior phase curriculum structures will also enable targeted programmes to be developed for the lowest achieving learners, particularly in S4.
  • North Ayrshire’s Attainment Challenge and Pupil Equity Fund will continue to implement interventions for pupils living in the most deprived areas to improve their levels of attainment and achievement. There are also plans to invest new permanent funding in more staff.