Music fans can enjoy a pint or a wine in the stage area at the Making Waves Festival in July after organisers were given an alcohol licence.

Events representative Daniel Stirling and NAC Events and Tourism Officer Fiona Anderson appeared at the North Ayrshire Licensing Board on Monday.

Fiona said: “This is a two-day festival (on July 23 and 24) comprising activities at the Maritime Museum and Harbour Arts Centre and a ticketed event at the Beach Park, which forms part of the Festival on Saturday and Sunday from 10am until 6pm.

“Capacity is for 3,000 and we are asking that in the fenced off ticketed area people will be able to serve drinks."

Police Scotland had sought assurances on stewarding in a letter but the Board said those had been addressed at the meeting.

Drinks will be served in plastic cups. There will be three First Aid facilities, one being in the ticketed area, and free tap water is on offer.

The event organisers have been involved in high profile events including the Commonwealth Games, European Championships, The Ashes and the Scottish International Air Show.

Daniel Stirling said: “We apply the rules to the letter of the law.”