A KIND-HEARTED hairdresser is giving a helping hand to parents struggling to make ends meet by offering free back-to-school haircuts for children.

Although the summer holidays are just around the corner, generous Jenna Hood is already planning ahead for the start of next term by welcoming kids to her Bank Street salon, Luscious LoX, for a no fee trim.

The 26-year-old, from Kilwinning, published a charitable post on her Facebook page earlier this month asking any youngsters in need to come along on Sunday, August 7 to get their locks seen to.

And the mum-of-one told the Times more than a dozen folk have taken her up on the offer so far - adding that if she can help just one family then it will be well worth her time.

Jenna said: “I really do sympathise with how hard it must be having a big family, especially in these times when everything is going up in price.

“Wages aren’t going up, but the cost of living is, so it must be really hard if you have pretty much nothing to have to try to find the money from somewhere to get your kids school uniforms and get their hair cut. It must be a very costly time.

“I have a wee boy and I know how expensive it is to raise a child nowadays. Luckily enough me and my partner both work, but not everyone is in that position, not everyone has a partner.

“It’s nice to be able to do that for someone who maybe wouldn’t be able to have that done. Maybe it falls short on their priority list because money is a bit tight.

“On a Sunday it’s not as if I’m doing anything anyway, and it doesn’t cost anything to be kind.”

Jenna, who has been a hairdresser since she left school after taking on an apprenticeship at 16, said she is hoping to reach more families by making this an annual event.

She said: “I remember when I was child my mum would always take me to the hairdressers and even from five-years-old I remember getting my hair cut and skipping out because I felt so good. It’s just that whole feel-good factor. It’s a small gesture to make someone feel amazing.

“That’s one of the primary reasons that I do what I do today, why I’m a hairdresser. I love making people feel beautiful.

“I want to make this a yearly thing. It’s a small way to help people.”

Message Luscious LoX on Facebook with a red heart if you’re in need or know someone who is, stating how many children need their hair cut.