FROM golf trips to St Andrew’s, the Lenten Tournament and just being an all round great guy, many former pupils will relate their favourite school memories to Joe Hume.

Though after this month, the legendary St Matthew’s PE teacher will be stepping away from teaching, much to the disappointment of pupils and staff.

But all good things must come to an end, as it is now time for the 64-year-old to retire, at exactly the same time as his wife, a primary school head teacher in Largs, Mary.

Joe reflected, while out in the playing fields and chatting to the Times.

He commented: “I’ve had some good times, met a lot of good folk, I’ll miss the weans, the characters, they’re worth their weight in gold, they keep you going.

“You miss the craic, you meet a lot of good folk, and they’ll not pass you in the street either, they come up to speak to you and it’s great.”

Some of these past pupils were keen to pay tribute to the “legend”.

Dylan Keogh, who left the school in 2016, said: “Mr Hume will forever be known as a legend in St Mathew’s Academy. Through organising the annual Lenten football tournament and our yearly golf trip to St Andrews, Mr Hume was involved in some of my most memorable (and funniest) moments.”

While another, Craig McDonald, who left a year later, added: “Mr Hume was a real legend of St Matthew’s, always giving his time for others and never seen without a smile on his face.

“The St Andrew’s golf trip was a real highlight of my time at school, and I’m sure I don’t speak for only myself here, it gave me some great memories which will last a lifetime.”

Joe, or Mr Hume, almost feels like part of the furniture at St Matthew’s, having worked their the full 15 years that the school has been open.

He is a well kent face across Ayrshire as well, having taken the county’s school football team for 25 years, giving that up just before the Covid pandemic hit. Though he did add the best teams he ever ran were St Matthew’s B teams!

He will finish up for good at the end of June, though he says he isn’t quite sure what he will do with himself.

He commented: “I golf, I play tennis, I’m still playing football, the summer will be alright, but I don’t know what I’ll do in the winter.”