PLANS for a takeaway restaurant on the site of a former Kilwinning pub have been refused by North Ayrshire Council.

The decision was made earlier this month, June 17, after the application was first submitted in mid April of this year.

The plans would see the former bar ‘The Cosy Corner’ on Pathfoot in Kilwinning converted into a hot food takeaway.

The application was for a change of use from a lounge bar, and to make internal alterations to the existing building to accommodate this - no wholesale external changes would have to be made.

Though plans were knocked back by the council for two specific reasons.

First of all, the proposed takeaway would be: “Contrary to the Towns and Villages Objective of Strategic Policy 1 (Spatial Strategy) and Policy 3 (Town Centres and Retail) of the adopted North Ayrshire Local Development Plan as the site is located outwith Kilwinning Town Centre.

“Therefore, the proposal would not support the town centre first principle.”

They added it would be: “Contrary to Strategic Policy 2 (Placemaking) of the adopted North Ayrshire Local Development Plan as it is likely to have an adverse impact on the predominately residential character and amenity of the surrounding area as a result of the additional noise, disturbance, traffic and potential cook odours.”

This final reason was one which was a common theme of those bringing up their concerns in the applications comments.

Three people brought forward concerns, with all three addressing the issue of parking.

The increased amount of litter, the potential for odours as well as the potential noise disruption were also key talking points.

Though one person added their support for the application, before it was refused.

They said: “The bar is currently very run down so I am looking forward to them fixing up the building and the current pub.”