More damage has been caused at Kilwinning's ancient abbey grounds after another bin was burnt on the historic site.

Police are appealing for information after the wheelie bin was set alight at the listed Kilwinning Abbey building last month - causing damage to the ruins.

Further damage with graffiti and removing retaining wall stones was also reported on back on June 17.

We previously reported repeat complaints of incidents of anti-social behaviour at Kilwinning Abbey - including youngsters targetting a litter-picking volunteer while previously burning a bin on the site – with a woman also causing disorder by offering to flash children for money raised at the town's community council.

A spokesperson for Kilwinning's community council said: "Damaging a historic monument is a criminal offence and will result in prosecution. Notices on the Abbey fences make this very clear.

"Volunteers work hard to maintain the Abbey ruins and grounds and this behaviour is unacceptable. The site is a very important part of the town's history and belongs to all members of the community. If you have any information about this offence please share it with the Police and help safeguard our heritage."

A spokesperson from Kilwinning Heritage previously said: “Kilwinning Abbey ruins are an A-listed monument, thought to have been here for around 800 years in some form.

“These ruins have stood the test of time and will stand for another 800 years with proper care and attention. It is infuriating to see these mindless acts of vandalism threaten the future of the abbey and it’s place in Kilwinning.

“This vandalism not only creates an obvious eye sore and cost to those who maintain it, but it also reduces the development opportunities for the grounds – with vandals being cited as reason not to put new features in the grounds.

“Please if you see anything untoward then report it to the Police, Fire or NAC Streetscene and help us prevent these events before more damage is done."

Any information can be reported to Kilwinning Locality Police on 101 - In an emergency always dial 999.