A POPULAR Irvine-based New Mexico style food snack wagon has set up epic plans for a new base in the town centre.

Taste of New Mexico, run by Robin Weideger and her daughter Rosie, revealed plans for the Irvine snack wagon business to set up on Eglinton Street.

The plans, validated last week, would see the business operating Monday/Tuesday from 12-6pm; Friday 12-2pm/4-8pm Saturday 12-4/5-8pm Sunday 3-8pm.

Plans state public access will to be allowed at front, hallway for the takeaway of hot food and drink and front room for sitting in with downstairs toilet facility for customers and staff.

Robin Weideger, who grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico before moving to Irvine, said: “The existing kitchen will be fully fitted for commercial use. Store room will be used for cooking equipment and dry storage.




“Outside to the front of the property we would like to put up business signage made out of natural wood, similar to bike shop. We would like to add three small outdoor tables at the front under front window and also install a manual retracting canopy over outdoor tables.

“Outdoor tables will sit three in a row sitting a good distance from the public walkway.

“For the start there will be two members of staff, my daughter and I. In the future there will be a maximum of two staff added for Friday and Saturday only.

Announcing the big news on Facebook last week, she said: “Our official planning application has gone in today. We are trying to create a unique space for business and living.




“We would like Taste of New Mexico to be an official takeaway on Eglinton Street where you can come in and order, collect and sit outside for a coffee / tacos! And eventually sit in our front room space to enjoy your meal.

“It sucks to be off at the moment but this is epic! We’ll continue to keep you updated.”