FIRE crews attended a blaze at the former Dreghorn Primary School last night (Tuesday).

Four Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) appliances were called out to the scene in Main Street at around 9pm.

A spokesperson for the SFRS told the Times: “We were alerted at 8.57pm on Tuesday, July 12 to reports of a building on fire at Main Street, Dreghorn.

“Operations control mobilised four fire appliances and firefighters extinguished a fire affecting a derelict building.

“There were no reported casualties and crews left after ensuring the area was made safe.”

The incident comes just weeks after the site, which is home to Arran Brewery's Dreghorn base, was once again targeted by vandals and thieves.

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Gerald Michaluk, managing director at the independent business, has complained of repeated attacks causing "considerable damage".

He said: "Attacks are almost daily and the police appear powerless to stop them as even when they apprehend some of the culprits their age prevents them taking any meaningful action, while under Scottish law their parents cannot be held liable for the damage their children cause."

The site houses a small brewery and is currently awaiting redevelopment, however, constant vandalism and break-ins have curtailed investment.

Irvine Times: The site has been plagued by vandals and thieves, according to Arran Brewery's managing directorThe site has been plagued by vandals and thieves, according to Arran Brewery's managing director

The site failed to attract an RSA grant several years ago and, as a result, Arran Brewery lacked the funds for development beyond phase one.

Mr Michaluk said: “The site has been problematic and the council's insistence that the school building is preserved has frightened off development partners, while thieves stealing lead from the roof have caused considerable structural damage to the building, and almost constant blatant vandalism has not helped.

Irvine Times: Repeated attacks have caused "considerable damage" to the buildingRepeated attacks have caused "considerable damage" to the building

"Some neighbours have been too scared to intervene or even to call the police and I don’t blame them, the recent attack was from thieves armed with screwdrivers and other tools.

"So, I urge any witnesses to simply call the police and not try to tackle the criminals themselves.”

Mr Michaluk said Arran Brewery will investigate other grant opportunities to help preserve the site but against these "constant and worsening attacks" it is unlikely that, even with grant assistance, the site will be attractive to develop.

The site went up for auction last week, with bidding opening on Thursday, July 7 at a starting price of £650,000.