Making a big difference to the grounds of Castlepark Community Centre and enjoying seeing their efforts served for lunch are the Trindlemoss gardening group.

North Ayrshire Council Development Worker Kenny McMahon is enjoying the challenge of  leading the enthusiastic team who also work at Trindlemoss, a learning disability facility which they attend for day care.

He said: “I’ve been in the care service for 20 years but I have only been with the council for five or six months.

“We cut the grass, do planting and weeding here at Castlepark Community Centre and at Trindlemoss.

“The lads enjoy doing the gardening and gain the experience of getting to do some work and they experience comradeship. There’s a good bit of banter between them, the social part of it is really good.

“A lot of them had never planted anything before but now they are developing skills.


Picture by contracted freelance Steve McKendrick.

Picture by contracted freelance Steve McKendrick.


“They have planted things from a seed and seen it grow to a vegetable and they have seen them being picked and put into soup.

“Some  of the onions were used the other day by the Lunch Club helpers.

“They grow carrots, cabbages and onions and a lot of the stuff from the garden is in the kitchen in Castlepark Community Centre and the other stuff is taken home by group members – it won’t be wasted.”

Trindlemoss creates much-needed community options to support people in society who are amongst the most vulnerable and have complex care needs.




The accommodation includes: A  new learning disability day facility, supported accommodation for people with complex learning disabilities (20 houses); a small care home for people with learning disabilities who have very high support needs (six houses) and community based mental health rehabilitation (nine  houses)

Formerly known as Red Cross House, the facility provides person-centred, wrap-around care that focuses on each individual’s personal outcomes and keep people in the heart of their community.