HUGELY frustrated North Ayrshire Council depute leader Shaun Macaulay has admitted “paralysis” in the UK Government is having a “massive impact” on vital local projects.

Boris Johnson is carrying on as caretaker Prime Minister while the governing Tory Party begin the process of selecting a new leader.

Cllr Macaulay said: “The council are always in touch with the UK Government, a lot of funds are UK-wide and we are making representations to try and get money in through Levelling Up.

“Right  now there is no levelling up department, the Secretary of State and minister have resigned and that stops a lot of work happening and paralysis in the government.

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“We are always trying to push Levelling Up and Ayrshire Growth. We can always talk to civil servants but you need ministers to sign things off.

“We can’t get action without ministers.

“A caretaker government will carry on until someone else takes over but that’s not what the country needs, the cost of living crisis is massive and the energy cap is going to go through the roof in October.

“There is no action and the government need to pull together. It’s a soap opera and that’s what they’ve created. 

“It’s completely unregulated and prices are going through the roof.”