A POD of dolphins swimming in the sea near Arran has been captured on video by a local resident.

Posted on Facebook to the Arran-based Lamlash Bay Hotel’s account, the video was filmed on a boat and showcases the group of dolphins frolicking alongside the vessel.

Shot by one of the owners of the Lamlash Bay Hotel, the clip has gained almost 4,000 views and 200 reactions since it was posted on July 12.

A spokesperson from the hotel said: “That's the first time that I've seen dolphins myself whilst I've been in Arran - but I'm not out in a boat very often. It was a plus to be able to see them.

“It was so magical; they were just swimming alongside the boat, and it was gorgeous."

During her journey she saw other wildlife such as seals, which are a common sight on Arran’s beaches and seas.

While sights of dolphins and seals are common, the sea surrounding Arran is also home to porpoises, basking sharks, and minke whales meaning that the island is one of the best places in Scotland to get a glimpse of sea animals.