Dreghorn’s butcher has had further expansion plans approved at its premises – despite an objection from one neighbour – after previous work to revamp the shop front.

Plans to add an extension to outbuilding within rear yard of the J & A Quinn Butchers shop on Dreghorn’s Main Street were approved this month after previous work to transform the front a shop area.

Planning chiefs approved the proposals subject to conditions after one objection from a neighbour concerned at humming noise from fridges and fears it would “worsen” their property.

The objector stated: “This will add an ugly look to the entrance of my house. As the current building is old and in need of repair, adding a further extension will worsen the look and devalue the current property in which I live, and my neighbour’s properties.

“As my property most affected by this extension we will suffer more with noise.

“As the current building is a freezer the noise from the existing building and services affects us both extremely, with continuous humming/ buzzing from the refrigeration systems currently installed.”

A council planning officer said:”Planning permission was granted in June 2020 for the change of use of ground floor flat to form enlarged butchers shop, to include formation of new shopfront and erection of extension to rear. The existing outbuilding within the rear yard of the shop consists of the butchery, storage, and chill areas. The application site backs onto the residential development at Station Brae Gardens. There is an existing timber fence boundary between the application site and the residential development.

“Located within the rear yard of the shop, The proposed outbuilding extension would not be readily visible from public viewpoints on Main Street. It would, however, be visible from Station Brae Gardens as the application site backs onto the residential development.

“Nonetheless, the proposal draws upon the gable ended form of several buildings in the surrounding area. Similarly, the proposed external material finishes would be in keeping with the pattern of the finishes in the immediate area.

“Concerns were raised regarding the height of the proposed extension and its visual impact on the surrounding area. In response, consideration was given to reducing the height of the extension to mitigate these concerns.

A revised design showing a reduction in the overall height of the extension from 5.245m above ground level to 4.677m was achieved (a reduction of 0.568m). The overall footprint of the extension was also reduced with the depth of the extension reduced from 6.25m to 5.75m. It is considered that the revised design would be more appropriate to the location of the outbuilding extension and would lessen its visual impact to the surrounding area.”