AN IRVINE based artist says he is delighted to be re-releasing his band’s old album after signing a three year deal with a US record label.

Though he did admit his return to the industry has been bittersweet, after a devastating start to the year.

Stewartie Adams, along with co-founder ‘Lyin Rampant’ bandmate Eddie Trainer, have signed a three year deal with Arizona based record label Renaissance Records, and will soon be re-releasing their debut album ‘Up and Cumin’ for the second time.

Though Stewartie told the Times: “It is all tinged with sadness for me as i just lost my beautiful 95 year-old father and best friend in April.

“He would have been 96 in July, I put my musical career on hold as I took care and looked after my father for the past 18 years or so, now I’m totally devastated and miss him so much.

“I would not have been in the music business if it was not for my wonderful mother and father, for all their help and support through good times and bad all these years.”

Up and Cumin has certainly had a turbulent time since it was first released by Prism Records back in 1987 who unfortunately went into liquidation not long after its release.

Though Lyin Rampant were given fresh hope in 2008 when Italian record company Heart of Steel re-released it on CD, though “that went nowhere”, Stewartie admitted.

Though he and ex-Heavy Pettin guitarist Eddie are optimistic that it’ll be third times the charm, and that the pair can go on to record some new material in the near future.

Stewartie himself has also had a long journey in the music industry before this long awaited return.

He began is a guitarist for band ‘Falken’ before later splitting from the group to first team up with Eddie in 1982, with Lyin Rampant.

Stewartie would later begin taking on vocals for the ban in 1986, a role which he an undeniable talent for.

In fact, when Up and Cumin was first released, For the Record magazine said: “Leave us not forget Stewartie Adams, self-styled walking distillery and one of the best new heavy metal singers I’ve heard in ages. His vocals make this album worth a listen, at the very least...”