A bumper £4m package of support to cash-strapped families looks set for delivery by North Ayrshire Council.

They aim to  help around 3,300 low-income families cope with major financial hardships across the North Ayrshire community.

The council’s cabinet  are due to consider the wide-ranging measures at a meeting on Tuesday.

If approved, low-income families would receive Child Bridging Payments and top-up payments worth up to a total of £460.

Support will also be aimed at expanding the existing community food network and the creation of an energy support scheme to help people with spiralling energy bills and soaring inflation. 

Council Leader Marie Burns said: “We know how much our communities are struggling with the cost of living crisis and these proposals are aimed at helping those suffering the greatest hardship.

“With inflation soaring and energy prices forecast to rise steeply, this is a time for action and to offer whatever help we can.

“In addition to the £260 Child Bridging Payments, funded by the Scottish Government, the proposals will mean we top this up by an extra £200 for every child who qualifies for free school meals, as well as low-income families with a child of pre-school age.

“This is part of a series of measures we propose to introduce over the coming weeks and months.”

 Two separate Child Bridging Payments of £130 for families of children who are eligible for a free school meal are due to be distributed in October and December. If the proposals are approved at Cabinet, these would be topped up by a further £100 per child for both months.