IRVINE, New York City, Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona don’t often have much in common, however, on Saturday August 20 they did.

Events took place in all of the above, as well as in many other towns and cities across the globe, as part of a festival in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan.

The Kites for Afghanistan event, also known as Fly With me, was organised to mark one year since the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban.

This was organised so people could come together to celebrate and preserve Afghan culture - a culture that is once again under threat.

Veronika Liebscher, organiser of the Irvine event, said many people stopped and admired the authentic Afghan kites at Irvine beach on Saturday.

Nearby were explanatory posters, and many local resident stopped for a chat with those taking part.

Veronika commented: “Kites are particularly appropriate as there is a long history of kite-flying in Afghanistan. It is a joyful activity, expressing freedom, and we are never short of wind on the shore here.”

The event was one of around 40 taking place worldwide, with only two taking place in Scotland - in Irvine and Glasgow.

While some events were public and open to all, Irvine was one which was community led, of limited capacity/for invited groups.