FORMER Irvine Meadow co-boss Colin Spence admitted his “gut feeling” was confirmed when the club accepted he and James Latta’s resignation this weekend.

The former Talbot pair departed Medda after two and a half years in charge following the side’s Scottish Cup preliminary round exit away to Hill of Beath Hawthorn.

They lost the replay 3-0, and Spence admitted he had reservations about their position at the club after the match.

He told the Times: “I had a feeling that things weren’t right behind the scenes, maybe they didn’t have our backs or fully support us.

“I had a wee conversation with James (Latta) and I think it was a case of testing the water, handing in the resignation and we needed to know whether they were going back us or whether they would take the decision to accept the resignation.

“Obviously our question got answered when they accepted the resignation.”

Though Spence said it is “definitely the right time to move on” he did feel the work they done last season should have merited more trust.

He continued: “I feel we punched a wee bit above our weight last season, the job we done last season was probably a bit under appreciated within the club, not without the club.

“Finishing eighth with the budget we had, and keeping the club well clear of that dog eat dog relegation battle last year, I think that should probably have bought us a bit more time, and trust.

“I think with the club accepting the resignation it kind of backed up my gut feeling.”

Though he is walking away with the club on a slightly poor run of form, Spence said he was confident he and James Latta would have been able to turn things around.

He said: “I do wish the club nothing but the best, the only thing I can be disappointed in is that we didn’t get a wee bit more backing and a bit more time.

“When you’ve got nine new players at a club, I think football people know that takes time and patience and a few of those boys in there have been written off already.

“Those boys just need a bit of time to gel and they’ll be a top team this season, I’ve no doubt about that.”

“A brilliant job for someone to walk into, a brilliant group of players, probably the strongest Medda’s had in the last decade.

“We’ve certainly left the club in a better place than when we got it.”

Now stepping away from the game for the first time in over two decades, Spence says he isn't quite sure how he feels yet.

He commented: “I went to Gretna when I was 18, full time football, and I’ve never been out the game since, over 20 years in football non-stop.

“I’m looking forward to a wee break, I’ve got two young kids under six and a wife who will probably be looking forward to seeing me a bit, and not being as crabbit as I’ve been lately.

“There will always be that bit of you that gets itchy feet, but we’ll see, I’m not sure how I’ll react.”

Despite departing on what may sound like a sour note, Spence, who is a Dreghorn man himself, says there will be no ill-feeling.

He explained: “We’ve had very little communication, we just had the phone call Sunday morning and they told me they were going to accept the resignation.

“We left it at that but I leave on good terms, I’ve not fell out with anyone, I’ve got nothing but respect for the club and the people there.

“Five years there as a player and a manager, it’s been a great experience and I’ve got the club at heart now.”

Spence now walks away from the club, having lived a career long ambition, and says he feels he has given back to the club which gave so much to him.

He commented: “The fans have been great with me, from when I came there as a player.

“I came from Arthurlie and I was probably done, I was 34, I was on my last legs, and I managed to get a wee jag going there, to my hometown club.

“I always wanted to play for them, and I thought the chance had passed, so to go there so late in my career, it certainly put another couple years on my playing career, the enjoyment I got playing for that club.

“I think we put the club back on the map last season, especially with our away form.

“We gave the fans some great days, and I think we put some respect back in the name and I just hope now, for the sake of the fans, whoever comes in now can take on the good work James and I done, and take it to the next stage."