Irvine Burns Club has played host to North America’s biggest Burns Club as they tour Scotland.

Canada’s Calgary Burns Club Singers met the members of the Irvine Burns Club on Wednesday. August 31 where they were welcomed to a dinner, music, and dancing.

The Calgarian’s brought some of their own culture, providing a taster of the famed Calgary stampede as they attended kitted out with cowboy hats.

Irvine Burns Club’s former president Bill Nolan said: “Calgary itself is already accepted as probably one of the biggest Scottish communities in Canada.

“They were fun guys, and the music was fun. There were a lot of songs that people knew and they were singing along with them.

“We’re well known because we’re one of the few clubs that actually has its own premises.

“Burns is known around the world and Irvine influenced him while he lived here in 1781.”

North Ayrshire’s Provost, councillor Anthea Dickson, was also there to welcome the Calgary singers.

The group are in the country performing as a choir, having played in Glasgow, Kilmarnock, and at Kirkcudbright's annual Tattoo in Dumfries and Galloway before visiting Irvine.

The event reached its capacity with around 90 people in attendance including former Irvine resident and life member of the Irvine Burns Club Henry Cairney who left for Canada to pursue his career in the oil industry.

Irvine’s club has been popular amongst international guests, having recently hosted Australian and American visitors keen to learn about Robert Burns through the artefacts held in their museum.

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