North Ayrshire Council have said they are working to address "historical" fly tipping issues in Kilwinning.

The problem relates to an extensive area of land in the town near the industrial estate on Longford Avenue and in the wooded walkway behind it.

The troubled area was brought to our attention by a concerned local, who felt nothing was being done to erect the issues.

One particular problem they had was the use of an off-road lane, which was supposed to be blocked by a bollard.

Areas troubled by fly tipping in KilwinningThe damaged, removable bollard

They stated that this was removable, therefore vehicles were taking advantage of this to dump rubbish further into the wooded area.

In images shared with ourselves, numerous issues were highlighted including dumped litter, car parts, household appliances, fencing and fire raising, as well as a belief the areas were also being used for outdoor drinking.

Areas troubled by fly tipping in KilwinningSome of the dumping in question, and areas where fire raising has allegedly taken place

We contacted North Ayrshire Council with these issues, who say they are working to solve the problem, though do not own the land in question themselves.

They also branded much of the litter as "historical" though say they had issued a fine in recent times with regards to dumping in the area.

They added that they were aware of the "maliciously cut" bollard, and that they are working to correct this.

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “The areas in question are under private ownership and we will be making contact with the land occupiers to make sure the accumulated waste piles are addressed.

“There has only been one recent fly tip on the opposite side of the road which had been traced resulting in a fixed penalty. We believe everything else is historical waste that has never been cleaned up.

“The bollard has been maliciously cut allowing it to be lifted out with some temporary timber placed inside to make it appear to be intact. We are looking to carry out repairs on this.”