THOUSANDS of people in the UK reported sightings of a "fireball" shooting across the night sky yesterday, September 14.

Irvine was no different, with Twitter user @Official_Beanie sharing his video of this making its way from south to north through the town's sky.

He managed to capture the "meteor" for almost 15 seconds on it's journey.

So what could it be then? Well the UK Meteor Network received nearly 800 reports of the "fireball" sighting from across the UK last night.

Reports began at around 9pm and the network commented that most sightings had come from Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

They added that they were investigating footage to try and ascertain whether this object was a meteor or space debris.

They later stated that "we are of the opinion this was space debris".

They also added that preliminary calculations suggest that the object would have landed in the Atlantic Ocean, just south of the Hebrides.

Though some still believe that this may be a meteorite given the length of time it continued for, with reports still coming in of sightings after 10pm.

If this was the case, it would be the first Scottish meteorite in more than 100 years.

Many academics remain hopeful that we may have seen a real once in a lifetime event if this really was a meteorite.

Luke Daly, lecturer in planetary geoscience at the University of Glasgow, commented on Twitter that he has "everything crossed" that this is the case.