PEOPLE throughout Ayrshire are putting down their car keys and hopping on their bikes as Cycle September enters its second week.

The UK-wide Love To Cycle initiative aims to encourage people to start cycling in their daily lives throughout September.

Cyclists can register on the Love to Cycle website, giving them access to a point based the leader board and the opportunity to win prizes such as holidays and £1,000 bikes.

Love to Cycle’s Partnerships Manager Angus Rodney said: “It’s not necessarily about cycling the most distance or the most sport focused thing – it’s about supporting anyone regardless of age, gender, disability status, race, to just jump on a bike and really enjoy it and replace their car journey.

“Going out with friends, family, or colleagues, and utilising local information and national resources can help offset the gaps in infrastructure that might make it difficult to get on your bike.

“By jumping on a bike you’re feeling better mentally and physically, and you’re helping environmental issues. There’s also never been a better opportunity to capture the last of the late summer, early autumn weather.”

Cycle September is just one of many campaigns organised by Love to Cycle, as in December they run Winter Wheelers, Ride Anywhere Week in March, as well as bike month in May.

Read more about Cycle September here.