Surveillance at Irvine railway station will soon increase after ScotRail had a planning application approved.

This referred to the installation of four new CCTV cameras at the busy town station.

The plans included two panoramic 360 degree cameras to be mounted at the end of either platform and two static box camera, which would be installed on the canopy of each building on either side of the tracks.

An application to install these had to be put forward to the council due to the building's category B listed status.

The new cameras will not seek to replace the existing CCTV in the station, with current infrastructure remaining in place, as well as being added to.

There are currently 27 CCTV cameras across the different areas of Irvine railway station.

One of the biggest factors in installing these cameras has been to reduce the number of people trespassing on the track.

The new surveillance units will have "analytical rules" applied to them, which will provide trigger points which can send on early warnings of any trespassing on the track.

After receiving an alert of this happening, the system operator will then be able to communicate with intruders over the existing CCTV PA system.

The application was submitted to North Ayrshire Council on August 9 before ScotRail received notice of approval notice of approval on September 14.

Full application details can be found on the council's online planning portal using the reference 22/00606/LBC.