The first CrossFit gym in North Ayrshire will celebrate its grand opening with an open day this Saturday at its facilities in Dalry.

Peak Fitness CrossFit in 37-39 Capital Business Park will host the event on September 24 between 10am and 2pm.

Food and free test classes will be available for attendees who want to trial the gym and see if CrossFit is for them.

The gym’s owner, Kyle Russell, said: “Generally we’ll never have free classes whereas this weekend we’re doing a free class at 11 o’clock and a free class at one.

“Our gym’s quite unique because we cap our class size at 12 so we keep it quite intimate so that we can give a high level of coaching.

“It’s all done on a prescription basis so people will come in, we’ll learn a bit about them, find out what their goals are and how we can help them, and from there we’ll prescribe what pathway is best for them - whether its working one on one with a coach or whether it’s doing classes, as well as how many times its best for them to come.

“We have a whole range of abilities and ages, we have someone who’s 77 years old, young people, and everyone in between – they can all be in the same class doing the same workout, but it will look slightly different for each person as the coach will have scaled it appropriately.”

While the open day will be a drop in event, anyone looking to sign up to the gym can book a free introductory session beforehand.

Information on memberships and classes is available here.