A DREGHORN man has been hit in the pocket after lashing out at his ex, wielding an axe and threatening to set an outbuilding on fire whilst her daughter was inside it.

Ian Lennox pleaded guilty to an amended charge of abusive behaviour towards the woman between July 2020 and September 2021.

At properties in the Drybridge area of Irvine, Kilwinning and elsewhere the 44-year-old was found to have acted in an aggressive manner by shouting, swearing and directing abusive language towards the victim.

Court papers stated Lennox persuaded the woman to sell her car on the basis that she could use his car, but he then refused to allow her access to his vehicle by hiding or withholding his car keys.

Lennox also pushed her, seized hold of her neck and clothing, pushed her into a doorframe to her injury, seized hold of her clothing and ripped it from top to bottom.

He admitted making derogatory remarks about the woman's intelligence and appearance, and he threatened to set an outbuilding on fire whilst her daughter was inside it.

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Lennox also hand delivered a malicious letter about his ex to both her new partner and his mother.

The charge added that he struck an axe against an outbuilding and threatened to destroy it.

Not guilty pleas were accepted by prosecutors to two other charges, including one of assaulting his ex partner's daughter by throwing a clothes horse at her in July 2021.

He was also cleared of acting in an aggressive manner and refusing to leave her property on the same day, allegedly shouting and swearing at his ex and her daughter whilst holding an axe and striking it against an outbuilding threatening to destroy it.

At Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last week Lennox, of Dunlop Crescent, was ordered to pay £2,000 in compensation to his former partner, while he was fined a further £1,000 by the court, plus a £40 victim surcharge.

A non-harassment order was also imposed for 18 months.