Almost 1,000 North Ayrshire Council workers received a pay rise yesterday as the living wage increase came into effect.

As a living wage employer, the council’s workers will now be receiving at least £10.90 an hour in accordance with the policy announced on September 22.

This is an increase of 10% as previously the living wage was set at £9.90 per hour.

Council Leader Marie Burns said: “We know the difficulties facing families across North Ayrshire and have set in motion a series of measures to help people through the Cost-of-Living Crisis.

“It has never been more important to ensure those who are among the lowest earners get the support they need.”

While council workers are already seeing the benefits of the pay rise, other employers throughout the area will not adopt the changes until April 2023.

This is due to a policy which allows council workers to receive living wage rises from the date they’re announced.

Councillor Amanda Kerr said: “The North Ayrshire Labour policy of paying the new living wage from the date it is announced has meant for the past 6 years the lowest paid Council staff have seen their wages rise 6 months early.

“The current cost of living crisis means this wage increase will be more vital than ever to help staff stave off some of the worst effects of the crisis over the winter months.

“I am pleased that our lowest paid staff continue to benefit from this Labour policy. I hope the new rate of £10.90 helps them through this challenging period but as a country we need to be heading towards a £15 an hour living wage as soon as possible.”

The Living Wage rate is calculated annually by The Resolution Foundation by analysing the wage employees need in order to afford essentials such as housing, childcare, transport, and heating.