IRVINE rockers Culann are back with a brand new single – after the band teamed up once again with Irvine legend Rab Affleck in the latest music video.

The band released new action-packet video for the song Rovers filmed at Portencross and ICI – the sixth to feature iconic Irvine man Rab Affleck alongside actor Brian Blakeley playing his adversary.

And frontman PJ Kelly told the Times the band – including Sean Kelly (drums), Ross McCluskie (keyboards), Greg Irish (guitar) and Calum Davis (bass) – were all looking forward to releasing a new EP and get gigging after a quiet few years for many in the music industry.



PJ Kelly said: “This four track EP will hopefully be released by the end of the year maybe in December, but we decided we wanted to get a piece of music out

“It’s been since 2019 since the last album came out so three years. We didn’t want to wait so decided to release Rovers.

“It’s not your traditional single at six minutes long, but we don’t tend to do things the traditional way as band, we kind of march to our own beat.



“The song does have a strong rock element but good progressive parts, with an intro that’s quite Scottish/celtic, so hopefully there’s something for everyone.

“Rab’s been in six videos now, 10 year ago was the first one. Rovers has got elements of all the videos – as part of the Culann multiverse.

“We met Rab 10 years ago – we first met him in the Harbour Lights after a mutual friend put us in touch.




“For the first video for Salvation, we asked Rab to learn the lyrics as we were wondering about having him singing along sort of mouthing the lyrics.

“He was so easy to deal with and open to ideas – he’s just brilliant to work with. On the day he knew the song inside out backwards and was so collaborative.

“He’s a good laugh as well great stories and we got on so well. A guy of his calibre why wouldn’t you want him in all your videos.


Brian Blakely and Rab Affleck in the video and, right Culann

Brian Blakely and Rab Affleck in the video


“He’s honestly such a nice guy as well – at this stage he’s a great friend of the band. He was doing us a great favour by being in one of the videos and now he’s been in six. Everytime its so much fun.”

“All the combative stuff, Rab’s done that day in day out in his career, so even the movement and how to sell a punch and the falling down, it was invaluable experience.

“We did a wee bit of scouting before and obviously know the Portencross area. We filmed that over two days but the band scenes we filmed over at the old ICI because where else do you light a fire that big– that was warm.

“The current Culann line-up is 15 years now, we’re all friends and went to school together and used to skate together, and me and Sean are brothers.

“We’re all friends and remained friends so I suppose that’s why we’ve lasted.”

Culann will be playing live at Audio Glasgow on November 19.

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