A young ‘emerging artist’ will be holding a portraiture workshop in Ardrossan next week to encourage people to get back into art.

Local artist Abbie Steel will be hosting the session aimed at people over 50 - but welcoming of all – on Friday, October 14 at Seahorse Bookstore between 3.30pm and 5pm.

Abbie was given the opportunity after being selected by theatre company Triple Act Theatre and Arts to be the first person in their multi-disciplinary ‘emerging artist’ programme.

She said: “I thought the workshop might be quite a good thing for people in the older generation who maybe did art back when they were younger, or who to learn new skills - or just for people in general to be able to learn art.

“I’m attending Glasgow School of Art currently so that’s a big thing with lots of new stuff. I really only did start doing art really seriously during lockdown – learning everything and working on my skills while being at home.

“I’m really enjoying the Art School. I’m learning all these different things that I’ve never done before and it’s really interesting to see how to do new things.

“I just find enjoyment in art. It passes time and it’s just fun.”

Postal packs kitted out with a sketchbook, pencil, and instructions from Abbie will also be available for people who are unable to attend or wish to work on their art skills at home.

There is also a pen-pal scheme that people using the postal packs can sign up for which will see them paired up with another person to share their work, ideas, and feedback with each other.

Triple Act's director Kate Stevens said: “You can make that bond through art which is something Abbie brought to the project, and I was really excited about.

“We advertised that earlier this year and Abbie applied, and she really just had a fantastic idea about working with the older generation and working within care homes and had this very expansive project idea that just really took our eye.

“We really wanted to develop this programme as an opportunity for an early career emerging artist, of any art form really, to come and work with us for a short time and develop a community project within that time and with support from us.”

The artist residency is funded by the Scottish Year of Stories initiative by VisitScotland and by North Ayrshire Council’s participatory budgeting.

Spaces for the upcoming workshop can be booked in advance by calling 01294 475648 but drop-in spaces should be available.